Xiomara Leonard, a.k.a. CieCie, was born and raised in Florida. Growing up, CieCie’s parents wanted to keep her from bothering them, so she participated in competitive cheerleading, diving, dancing, and karate. She then attended the University of Florida for her undergraduate degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology. She is currently doing her Master’s in Exercise Science at Texas A&M University – Commerce. When she is not doing collegiate recreation related activities, CieCie loves going hiking with her dog Drishti (which in Sanskrit or in yoga terms means “focused gaze”). If she is not teaching fitness classes you can find CieCie hanging out, literally. She trained in Circus Arts for 8 years doing aerial silks, lyra, and flying trapeze. Her spirit animal is Beyonce Knowles a.k.a Queen B but people think CieCie is more of a shorter version of Cardi B. “Okkkkkkrrrr”!