NIRSA bylaws amended by member vote in NIRSA’s 2017 elections

With widespread approval—over 93%— NIRSA professional members passed the proposed amendments to the NIRSA Bylaws. With 30% of eligible voters participating, NIRSA’s 2017 elections successfully came to a close on January 30.
The approved amendments to

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Don’t forget to vote in NIRSA’s 2017 elections

NIRSA’s 2017 elections are underway. Members who were eligible to vote should have received their ballot invitations by email from on January 18.
In addition to electing volunteer leadership for their regions and for the

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Proposed NIRSA Bylaws changes will make the Association more nimble

The NIRSA Board of Directors
Like many professional associations, NIRSA uses a regional structure to facilitate engagement among members and potential members at a local, geographically convenient level. Throughout NIRSA’s history, the regional structures have been

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