Help shape the ongoing professionalization of campus recreation

The NIRSA Professional Registry Commission is currently seeking member participation in a Registry of Collegiate Recreational Sports Professionals (RCRSP) survey.
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Apply to serve on NIRSA’s Professional Registry Commission

The Registry of Collegiate Recreation Sports Professionals (RCRSP) is the credential for collegiate recreation professionals. The RCRSP designation is a marker of a professional’s commitment to the ongoing practice of developing competencies and experiences that

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Grow professionally with NIRSA

By Kristen Gleason
It’s fall! Collegiate recreation professionals are busy opening facilities, starting programs, and training student employees. Once the dust has settled and the new academic year is underway, NIRSA encourages you to stop and

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Up close with the Professional Registry: Earl Cabellon, University of Maryland-College Park

By Nazifa Islam
Earl Cabellon started his career in collegiate recreation as a student at the University of Rhode Island (URI). It was there that he—someone who already “subscribed living an active lifestyle”—first became invested in

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