Emporia State University: Borrow a Bike Program 
Mike Wise, Director of Recreation Services as told to Kansas State Student Leader: Nick Donahue, GA of Facilities and Student Development

Emporia State has a unique program for a school our size. It allows all students to be able to borrow a bike from the Student Recreation Center at no cost to them for up to a week. The program has only been up and running for 7 months and we were able to check out over 400 bikes to students throughout Emporia State. This program consists of 20 bikes and with each bike the student receives a lock and helmet at checkout.

This program has been favorable to Recreation Services because we are able to get students into out building to see what else we have to offer. It also allows students who do not have a car to be able to travel throughout Emporia a little faster. The Borrow a Bike Program has also built a relationship within our community through the acquisition of equipment from local bike shops.

This program can help NIRSA to lead by example. Recreation Services here at Emporia State was able to purchase all 20 bikes, helmets and locks for each bike for under $6,000. We have student employees that ride bikes as a leisure activity and have the opportunity to work in our bike shop to keep our bikes running smoothly.

One unique fact about Emporia’s Recreation Services is that we partner with two of the larger bike shops in town, the Office of International Admissions and other departments on campus to run this program. Through these partnerships, we have created Borrow a Bike Safety and Information Clinic for students to participate in and check out what the bike program can do for them. It is also providing exposure  of local businesses of the different types of bicycles and equipment to offer the Emporia State Students.