NIRSA Region IV Scholarship Information

NIRSA Region IV Contingency Fund Scholarships:


It is will great excitement we announce that our Region IV has established a new scholarship opportunity for our student membership.  The Region IV Contingency Fund Scholarship is NOW AVAILABLE. This scholarship will support student development collegiate recreation.At the discretion of the Member Network Rep based on available funding in the Regional Contingency Fund, this scholarship will provide resources to students looking for opportunities to enhance their learning through NIRSA sponsored events, conferences, tournaments, expos, and more.

For 2017, we have determined that ALL scholarships awarded will be for students to attend the 2017 Region IV Conference and Student Lead-On, scheduled for October 22-25 in Lubbock, TX.

Brian Mills, Director of Campus Recreation and Wellness at UH-Clear Lake, will chair the Scholarship Selection team. Thanks to Brian and his team for this effort in soliciting applicants, reviewing applications, and awarding these scholarships.

We have an aggressive timeline: Deadline to submit applications for considering is SEPTEMBER 15, 2017.

Scholarship awards will be up to $250 per student: this will help offset the costs of registration and  travel to Lubbock.

Please help us spread the word to our students about this wonderful opportunity to attend the Regional Conference with assistance. And thank you to the many folks who helped make this possible!