As was mentioned in the previous regional newsletter, the 2020 Region IV Conference scheduled for Denton, Texas, has been postponed due to growing concerns over university budget and travel restrictions. We were able to negotiate with the host hotel to incur no cancellation cost and have rebooked Denton for 2021 and 2023! The 2021 conference will occur in Denton from Oct. 31-Nov. 3, 2021. The conference location for 2022 has yet to be determined, however it will be in either Missouri or Kansas. That’s the bad news. Now for some good news. After discussing the state of affairs with the regional leadership team, we have decided to move forward with a virtual Region IV Conference & Student Lead-On at some point in the fall! I want to thank my good friend Jonathan Elliot from the University of Arkansas as he has agreed to chair a team to bring you the virtual opportunity this fall.More information about that event will be coming soon. If you would like to assist with this event in some capacity please let me know at