Upcoming NIRSA regional conferences are heading to a city near you

×Update, September 4: An earlier version of this article indicated that NIRSA Foundation scholarships could be used for 2018 regional events, which is incorrect. The article has been updated with accurate information.
It’s that time of

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NIRSA Region IV Spotlight: Emporia State University Borrow a Bike Program

Emporia State University: Borrow a Bike Program 
Mike Wise, Director of Recreation Services as told to Kansas State Student Leader: Nick Donahue, GA of Facilities and Student Development

Emporia State has a unique program for a school our size. It allows all students to be able to borrow a bike from the Student Recreation Center at no […]

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Announcing 2017-2018 NIRSA regional conferences

Fall is upon us, which means there is an abundance of NIRSA regional and state sponsored educational opportunities to expand our knowledge base as educators in collegiate recreation. We want to encourage you and your

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